Embarking on the Oldest of Enterprises

Dear reader,

This website is the result of an epiphanic moment when the bud of a desire to do something meaningful in the world finally burst into flower at the realization that, perhaps, the best way for me to do something meaningful in the world would be to say something authentic, for it seems that many people say things they don’t believe for the security of identifying with people or groups that they don’t truly think all that much of anyway.

Why is this a problem?

Because it has turned us into a culture of proficient liars and charlatans who have so perfectly covered up our humanity under the guise of a certain kind of infantile social acceptability based on who we are and who we’re not, who we like and who we don’t, so as to render us in our essence invisible to others and blind to our true selves.

How can we ever find authenticity if we are constantly imaging our selves in the fashion of molds that others have made? Be sure, I’m not advocating a radical individualism or rebellion against the status quo or a rejection of social norms. And certainly not because it’s something trending. Rather, I’m pleading with all people to gaze into the depths of their being, to ask with a pure honesty: “who am I?”

I believe that we will never understand the other, the stranger or our enemies, perhaps even our friends, until we understand our self. Yet, my vision is broader than this. Of primary importance is the perennial question, “what is beyond my understanding– infinitely beyond?” This is described by many words. Transcendence. Mystery. Divinity.

The moment you think you have everything figured out, that you have reality or knowledge in a box, it is at this moment that you have died the death of the spirit.

So, I invite you to step out of certainty, out of sameness, out of despair; out from whatever your box is, and like children, to experience everything afresh.

Walk with me into Wonder

~S.J. Dever



photo credit: Yucel Moran

2 thoughts on “Embarking on the Oldest of Enterprises

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  1. Awesome. I love your thoughts about truly being yourself aside from the molds that media, especially social media, has casted onto society. It is hard to be yourself in society today. This makes me think of Lecrae’s album Anomaly.

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