An Ancient Vision of Unity

“May the choicest of heaven’s favours, both here and hereafter attend those who, under the devine auspices, have secured innumerable blessings for others.”

~George Washington

There is a pervasive sense that something is terribly wrong in America, but none of us can agree on what it is. So we point fingers at each other. We deride the other side. We forget that all politics is coercion, and the best intentions often defer to corrupting means. Your side and mine.

So who is to blame?

I believe we are what’s wrong with America, every single one of us. It seems as if we have forgotten the old virtue of humility here in the West, the art of politeness within our politics, the understanding that we are all human. This forgetfulness translates from the public consciousness to the private consciousness, and it inhibits the interchange of respectful relationships–especially with those who don’t see the world as we do.

Dare we hope for a more perfect union, even now amid so much division?

I say especially now, now more than ever; it is vital that we cultivate respect for one another in our communities, and that respect should be unconditional, by virtue of the humanness in the other regardless of the accidents by which they derive an identity and personality.

Political principles are important, but never more important than the people they protect. Change the people and the policies change is a means of coercion, a base strategy, and the work of corrupt social engineers. They will build their world, invest in it, and it shall change again as they weep in vain.

Enlighten the people and they will no longer see in black and white, because life is color, and the color is beauty.

We don’t believe that there is room for respecting the other in American politics. Not really. Only the unseen minority does, and they are not bound to political identity or religious identity; they are part of a higher reality, a spiritual polity, governed not by the fickle will of human beings but by the focused will of the divine being. I am not speaking about religion, I’m trying to describe the true reality.

But we don’t see this beauty. The radical right believes white dominion is the only way for them to have security and identity. The radical left wants to grayscale the world, believing that the only equality is the social and economic equality of similitude and sameness. Conservatives believe in red, white, and blue, to the dismissal of all other color. And, liberals who feign acceptance for all people have a a severed spectrum, and are unable to see the humanity in those who do not accept their doctrines.

We are a fractured mirror when we were supposed to be a physical tapestry of the spiritual ideal.

O, America, have you no love left?

There is one way to a more perfect union, and it’s not by conforming to the perfect political identity. It’s not about who you are. It’s not about who they are. The same thing that binds or breaks families will do so to the state, the nation, the world.

It’s always been a question of whether you can bring yourself to love the unlovable, to extend forgiveness to the ones who have wronged you, to honor people over pride, and to heal instead of hate.

I have a dream to see America love again. If we were ever great, it was because our hearts bled love for our brothers and sisters; because our minds recognized the human as sacred. We will never find our way without an empathic compassion for all–this is love.

So, will you make the choice to look past the social, the political, the ethnic, the economic; the mask of the person that is an annoyance, or the person who you loathe, perhaps even the person you despise; and will you look at them afresh, give them a moment, speak a selfless word, or do them a kindness?

For all one knows, it might backfire–you might be hurt–but you might also be surprised, changed, encouraged. Maybe the other will be, too.

Compassion is contagious, a disease that works backwards; what all desire yet so few give.

Catch it, friend.


photo credit: NASA

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