Consciousnesses Converging

It is mystifying how life grows before us by the seeds we sow in the multitudinous moments we call the present, the now, or waking existence.

I have found that gardening is a profoundly grounding activity to pursue. It grounds us to our past, our ancient parents, our primal existence. Yet most importantly, gardening grounds us to God. There are so many life lessons to be learned by gardening, but one lesson that immediately comes to mind is that we are dependent beings—we are not the masters of our own lives as much as we would like to think that this is true. Now I do not mean that we are not personally responsible for our decisions and actions, but I do believe that this life was not designed to bring about our personal satisfaction and happiness.

That is, quite frankly, infantile in comprehension. But we all do desire these ends.

Life, however, is about growth into maturity. Now we can debate what that means, but this is the simple teleological goal of life. All life that is created is by nature designed to grow and to reproduce and to be bountiful in the endeavor.

But why? What is the point of it all?

Birth. Life. Death.

“To what end?” asks the human mind, bubbling from the human spirit, haunted in the human heart.

“There has to be more!” says a part of us that inexorably cries for intelligible meaning beyond the system of life itself.

Philosophy failed to find the answer.

Religion points in awe at something greater, but always goes back to itself.

Science feigns to see the answer while within a sterile system.

I believe the answer rests in a Seed, and like all seeds this Seed must grow within you, leaf upon leaf, into maturity. The answer is intelligible, but it will never make sense until it is experienced.

Life does indeed have a purpose beyond its design. It is the place where we are notified by our emptiness that there is an invitation to a higher Life, but that Life is not found in fullness here in this life. Because we are not seeds once we have become mature, we are dust merely dancing before being blown into the wind.

But there is a Gardener with higher seed, water, and sun. Do you believe that? Can you believe that: that there is more to reality than just this dimension of it?

I sure hope you can sense it. Because if you can’t sense this, don’t you know that everything you do in life, no matter how beautiful, it is going to be lost in the ocean of time or burned to ash when our sun dies out or silenced in singularity when our universe folds up and in on itself?

Does that leave you with a chasm of despair in your aching chest? The utter futility of it all.

But, at the same moment, do you sense that there exists a wellspring of hope; hope unutterable; hope unexplainable? For hope was truly built into the design of life, especially the human soul. Hope for what, you ask? In the simplest terms, it is the hope for home—the place where all longings and desires find fulfillment and true rest. This is no fleeting gut-level satisfaction nor happiness in heart, pleasure that can be given at random and taken in an instant. It is not something that can fit into us so that we might feel whole, it is the something into which we fit because we were designed for this purpose.

The higher Life, says the philosopher.

The Mystery of being, says the religionist.

The ultimate processes of the Universe, says the scientist.

Lost on them is the priceless treasure they seek! They shall not have it until they lay down their titles and theories and rituals and thinking. Because they seek for themselves, they will never have it.

Only when you realize that you are not the one seeking—you are being sought—do you turn around and stop what you’re doing. We don’t seek an artificial home, never a home that we create ourselves, we seek a home that is more than a home—it is belonging. And you never belong to a place, you belong to a person.

That is why we try so hard to find a human person who can meet this need.

But human persons are incapable of meeting this profoundly mystifying requirement.

I believe that is because there is only One, One Seed, who can meet and fulfill the human requirement to know and be known.

His name is Yeshua.

Jesus the Messiah.

So then, all of you dusts merely dancing, human gardens full of soul, of all the many seeds we scatter before us and into us, what would happen if you planted this One Seed into your boundless and beautiful soul? What would happen if you believed that the One who paints in pink and purple horizons at dawn and dusk, who casts glittering stars in His wake as the universe takes shape before Him; what if you believed that He is the same One who formed you and has loved you with an indescribable love long before you were ever born and will still love you long after you die?

Have you ever wondered what happens when consciousnesses converge, when the melancholy longing of the human heart is turned into joy at the sweetness of rain and fire that burns through the clouds of confusion and chaos? I dare you to invite Him into your life and into your very being! See what happens.

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