On Bended Knee

Dear readers, I began this website with some notions of grandeur, but it all revolved around what I wanted to say regarding the issues that I found interesting and important. Now, I still have ideas that I want to write about, no less than a double-dozen go through my head everyday, however, this website cannot... Continue Reading →

Beyond Positivity

Inside myself I find a romantic sense of optimism, finding beauty behind everything in life, but moody despair envelops me like the wrong lover when I try to face the hardest and most painful parts of my life. Yet I believe that there's something missing in that dichotomy; balance, perhaps, and also maturity. So often... Continue Reading →

Lying Loyalties

One may step into the realm of politics easily enough, but the current pulls us places we didn't want to go and farther from the safe shore of neutrality than we are comfortable. And it seems that politics is this all consuming force that gets into the heart and mind of everyone. To whom can... Continue Reading →

The Relational Heart of Religion

What is Man in the singular sense? A masterpiece on a mountain, continuously facing all but certain madness on all sides...but for the persons that root him in the relational. Yet we think that individualism is strength, that self is the sole solution to our woes. Self is not the solution, it is the space... Continue Reading →

What Do You See?

It is of supreme importance not that our life be easy and smooth, with every desire met, rather that our vision and viewpoint be pure and powerful, filled with light. Because when dark days come, and be sure that they will, if you have nothing to light your way, well then, you are lost and... Continue Reading →


How does one live (and breathe) in a world where everyone has an opinion about everything, all while competing ideologies that exist in their minds wage war for dominance? Do you ever feel overwhelmed and numb from all the dissonant noise? There's some longing that I surely have, though I would think many others have... Continue Reading →

Step Out, Step Into

Very often, I think, we fall into the trap of believing that just because we aren't doing anything particularly devious, mildly wrong, or even (gasp) sinful, that we are somehow good in God's eyes. God is not content with us merely when we aren't messing everything up; He desires so much more for us. It's... Continue Reading →

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