How does one live (and breathe) in a world where everyone has an opinion about everything, all while competing ideologies that exist in their minds wage war for dominance? Do you ever feel overwhelmed and numb from all the dissonant noise?

There’s some longing that I surely have, though I would think many others have it also, for harmony and peace. But real harmony. Real peace. I listen to everyone with their often recycled ideas; the logic of liars, the communication of the confused. Everyone speaks some truth, but there’s always something missing, something skewed.

I guess that’s just what we should expect living here on earth. There’s a madness in our music.

But that doesn’t mean one should like it or get used to it.

One of the many beautiful things about Yeshua (Jesus) is that He spoke pure harmony, every time.

So, like the song says:

You can have all this world

But give me Jesus


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