What Do You See?

It is of supreme importance not that our life be easy and smooth, with every desire met, rather that our vision and viewpoint be pure and powerful, filled with light.

Because when dark days come, and be sure that they will, if you have nothing to light your way, well then, you are lost and without hope.

Such are many in this world.

The only difference between people is in their ability to see. Do you see in black and grey, gloom and rain? Or do you see colorful flowers dotting your paths, and does the golden rays of the sun shine upon your head? Of course, it’s never so stark a contrast. We’re all, for the most part, somewhere between the two.

But my question, reader, is how do you see the world and, more importantly, the people in your life?

Do you know that your vision and your viewpoint isn’t dependent upon you?

Speak life and you will have more of it.

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