The Relational Heart of Religion

What is Man in the singular sense? A masterpiece on a mountain, continuously facing all but certain madness on all sides…but for the persons that root him in the relational. Yet we think that individualism is strength, that self is the sole solution to our woes.

Self is not the solution, it is the space from which all our problems flow.

God created Man in the image of Himself, and while many think of God as luminous spirit in the transcendent sense and others think of Him as an old bearded man in the proverbial upstairs sense, either on the verge of a fit of rage or an act of genial, beneficent generosity to us mortals, well, we all lose the most foundational part of God’s being.

He is the relational Being, not an individual.

“God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.” ~Gen. 1:27

Do you get that? Male and female, both halves of humanity, comprise the image of God.

Now if you choose to focus on your self, you won’t understand God; however, you also won’t understand other people. And in the end you won’t even understand yourself. Is it any wonder why the West relates so poorly to God?

You are the image of God, but you will only ever be a broken mirror until the day when you reach out and touch another person with complete selflessness. See the image of God in them and God will see the image of Himself in you.

Do you believe that?

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