Lying Loyalties

One may step into the realm of politics easily enough, but the current pulls us places we didn’t want to go and farther from the safe shore of neutrality than we are comfortable. And it seems that politics is this all consuming force that gets into the heart and mind of everyone. To whom can you speak without tripping on a political landmine in conversation?

It may seem worse now, in the political frenzy, than it has ever been, but it has certainly been worse in past moments of history. Yet the politics of today is often far more dangerous to the spirit of a person than it is to the body of that same soul.

Do you feel a strange pull within you? The kind of pressure to pledge who you are to a cause. Doesn’t matter if it’s right or left, politically speaking. There is a draw to identifying yourself with a certain party or candidate, and just as much a draw to distance yourself from the other side. After all, look at how bizarre and frightening the other people are!

But that’s what they think about you, too.

Paul, an apostle of Christ, perhaps the greatest, though he would most certainly say that he was the weakest, declared that Jesus (Yeshua) was both Christ (the anointed king) and Lord (divine in nature). Paul respected the institution of government, he wasn’t an anarchist or a rebel. He respected the office of a ruler, even an emperor, but he declared that Christ Jesus was, and is, Lord of all governing bodies.

Not Caesar, to him.

Not the President, the Supreme Court, the Senate, the Congress, nor the entire array of powers of the United States government, to us.

Therefore, fellow believers, never leave your government to the dogs, but remember that you are not a dog yourself, and that government is not your master. People are not your enemy, it is the demonic spirit by which they move that is your enemy.

To whom is your highest loyalty?

Republican? Democrat? Independent? Green?

Let God worry about the parties; let your lips speak, “Christ is Lord,” and then go live like He reigns…over you, first of all. And that means sacrificing your selfish desires for the needs of another human being.

Or do you merely vote for politicians in whom you place your trust so that they will carry out this task? Your task…

By all means, vote!

But Christ commissioned you, fellow believer, for more than personal comfort in this world. Politics will always be a poor substitute for hurting people. There is only one thing that binds up the broken, whether in body, mind, or spirit.

And that is the power of true love.

All governments will fade and fall.

But love will remain.

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