Beyond Positivity

Inside myself I find a romantic sense of optimism, finding beauty behind everything in life, but moody despair envelops me like the wrong lover when I try to face the hardest and most painful parts of my life. Yet I believe that there’s something missing in that dichotomy; balance, perhaps, and also maturity.

So often I want happy endings for all, especially myself. So often I want all the good and none of the bad. So often I deny rather than discern the truth in life.

Many people seem so foolish to me, but none so foolish than the self I was to the self I now am.

If I was wise, I would declare that I must still be a fool, for there will come a day when I shall know it.

But for the sake of all of us, allow me to repeat the words of Miguelde Unamuno, “May God deny you peace and give you glory.”

So often I want peace without paying the price. The deception of humanity is when they give their soul in exchange for peace, never realizing that they need their soul to experience peace; and so they lose both.

Jesus asks you to lay down the burden of building your own peace, gives back the soul you sold, provides your peace within whether or not you have peace without, and tells you He will prepare lasting peace for you in His Presence.

This is true goodness.

This is true glory.

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