On Bended Knee

Dear readers,

I began this website with some notions of grandeur, but it all revolved around what I wanted to say regarding the issues that I found interesting and important. Now, I still have ideas that I want to write about, no less than a double-dozen go through my head everyday, however, this website cannot be about me. My thoughts are too insufficient, too bound up in self-centeredness, too vaporous in origin.

I have gifts and talent. I’m not intellectually insignificant. I can see and speak beauty in linguistically lucid language. But, all these are given to me by God. Everything I have ever had or will have is from God. All good things and all blessings are from Him alone.

Therefore, this update is a declaration that this website is under new management. May this website bring glory to Christ Jesus (the anointed One); this is my new aim and hope, that my writings will be a worthy form of worship to my God and my King.

I have made a certain number of posts referencing Jesus (Yeshua), but I’ve never explained why Jesus is important. I hope to do a series of posts wholly about who Jesus is and why He is the most important person you will ever hear about, and more to the point, why you should not just know about Him, but truly know Him (and what does that even mean, right?).

My oldest posts are that of a spiritual seeker, and they shall remain on the website; yet they have a taste of the mystical and ambiguous. Perhaps I will write a post about what the influences really were behind them at another time. But my newer posts are influenced by a growing and grounded faith in Jesus Christ, not some mystical and esoteric Cosmic Christ who cannot be touched but by the initiated, not the unknown and ineffable mystery of God (Jesus is the known mystery of God revealed); not the need for philosophical and spiritual novelty, not the expression of self for the sake of self expression.

Christ Jesus is my creed: His blameless earthly life, in physical form; His teachings and way; His death on the cross; and His bodily resurrection.

This website will reflect this Christ, not the corrupt Christ I fashion in my own likeness nor my own whims.

By the grace of God,

~Stephen J. Dever

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